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Each month we invite one of our residents to share their experiences of the neighbourhood. This month we spoke to Joe Barter who has been living at East Village for 2 years.

Name, age, and occupation

Joe Barter, 26, Account Manager in IT and Solutions in Angel (15 minute walk from Liverpool Street).

Where did you live before moving to East Village? And how long was your commute?

Lived in New Cross, commute used to be about 1 hour 5mins. (25 minute walk to the station, then get on packed tube trains for 30 mins, then about a 10 minute walk from Angel tube) The main benefit for me about the commute, is that I am only on a train to Liverpool Street from Stratford (that is nowhere near as packed as the tube) for 7 minutes. And then have a nice walk to work.)

Why did you decide to move to East Village?

We made the decision to move to East Village on the day we first visited. The parks and everything about the modern flats grabbed our attention. The fact we wanted to be east helped as well!! And it’s not a bad thing to be part of the Olympic Legacy!

What attracted you to East Village? What type of homes have you rented? And why did you choose to rent?

Get Living London’s no fees also helped in the decision making process. We have rented a three bed apartment and I live with two friends from university. I chose to rent as I am not in a financial position to buy at the moment.

How does being near your work change your life?

I love how close East Village is to central London which makes my commute to work incredibly easy, it takes just seven minutes to get to Liverpool Street from Stratford and then it is simply a short walk to work. Being near to work means I can enjoy longer evenings and I'm about to get a bike so I can cycle in, as it’s only a few miles. 

Do you know many of your neighbours in East Village?

Yes, we (as a flat) get on really well with a flat downstairs in our building and often go out at the weekends together and have even been on holiday as a group, which is something that would not have happened had we not lived in East Village.

On our particular floor we know the neighbours next to us and again get on well with them. As a whole it’s a great friendly atmosphere and something I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to rent.

Where do you go out after work?

If I go out after work it will be local to work and then normally just catch the last train home from Liverpool Street. Easy.

Although I’m in Angel a lot I like having the independent shops, bars and restaurants on the doorstep. And Firezza’s delivered pizzas are a favourite - very tasty.

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